Checkweighing System

X4 Combo X-weigh

X-weigh enables the X-ray system to weigh the product whilst simultaneously inspecting for foreign body contaminants in one compact and easy to use format. 

Product Description

The combination of the two technologies ensures that food manufacturer’s produce is safe and products are consistent in weight, size and shape. X-weigh’s operation is through a single operator user interface, which is designed to enable product set up in seconds. Not only is the system simple and quick to configure, but it is also highly accurate, with accuracies comparable to traditional checkweighers.

X-weigh supports a comprehensive reports package showing trends, give-away and batch analysis. The statistical information that the software provides can be networked via Ethernet to a central plant computer or SCADA system.

The Loma X-weigh allows for multi-lane checkweighing, which means a number of lines can be run through the system with each pack inspected according to its own target weight parameters.

X-weigh also offers combined weighing and object checking, which will ensure that packs with more than one weight zone are compliant for both overall pack weight and individual weight zones.

Unlike traditional checkweighers, the X-weigh is unaffected by pack rate, speed, vibration, air turbulence, pack orientation or stability and requires little maintenance.

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