Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Welding


Use of high frequency ultrasonic vibration / friction between welded pieces of ultra-high heat, and comes with high pressure, its efficient welding up a new type of welding,and because the metal itself does not destroy the conductivity / thermal resistance,in high-tech industry is widely used. As for the high hardness of welded pieces of metal,as its direct contact with the ultrasonic metal welding head bearing on the quality of lifeof ultrasonic metal welding system, welding and final results,the entire system is the most critical part.


 Welding advantages

1) welding material does not melt, not fragile metal properties. 

2) welded good conductivity and resistivity low or near zero. 

3) low demand on the welding of metal surfaces, oxidation or plating can be welded.
4) welding time is short, without any flux, gas, solder.
5) no welding sparks, environmental protection and safety.

Ultrasonic Welding 상담요청합니다.


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