X-ray Inspection System

X4 Pipeline X-ray

LOMA’s X4 PipeLine models have been designed for contaminant detection in products that are (or can be) transported in a pipe, including diced meat, ground meat, meat pastes and slurry, dairy products, sauces, jams and preserves, chocolate, soups and pickles, ground meat, chicken trim, turkey and whole chicken fillets. 

Product Description

Pumping products through an X4 PipeLine system maximises sensitivity for all contaminants, especially those that have low-density characteristics such as calcified bone.  A high speed and accurate reject valve, which can be synchronised to the pump, minimises rejected portions.

Loma X4 X-ray pipeline systems are robust, reliable, hygienic and simple to use. The X4 PipeLine can be fitted into existing rigid or flexible pipe systems and has robust quick-release fittings that enable it to be easily dismantled and cleaned.

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